Hey 2016, I'm Glad You Came

10:35 AM

There's something about a new beginning that excites me. Maybe its all the possibilities that lie ahead or the chance to do over some past mistakes. Either way I feel the new year brings a chance to change for all of us. Now don't get me wrong, if you are determined to change there is no time like the present and to change doesn't mean that there was anything wrong with you to begin with. However, there is always room for improvement and we have this one life to live so why not be the best version of ourselves along the way.

So for 2016 I have mad a few resolutions to make it my best year yet. Now some of these I have already started but the new year brings a sense of fortitude to help me power on to keep these.

READ MORE Reading really is one of my most enjoyable past times and in recent years I've let it slip away from me. It's a way to broaden you horizons and expand your knowledge without ever leaving your house. Ive committed to reading two books a month and to also keep the smut to a minimum.

EAT VEGAN 2015 served as the year of diets for me. I was trying to figure out which way of eating gave me the most energy overall. After eating keto diet I just didn't feel right with all the meat and cheese. I then moved on to raw vegan that had worked for me in the past but proved to be too difficult to continue with my new job. Which leaves me with vegan. Eating vegan on the go has become incredibly easy over the years. I remember when  was raw vegan for a year I could hardly find restaurants that were vegan.

IMPROVE MY PHYSICAL HEALTH I'm still working on defining what this means to me. At this point I think it I'm going to try to get my body in the best shape it's ever been. It's not necessarily a I hate my body and want to change it. Ive actually wanted to commit to getting shredded for a long time and it has been me being okay with my body that lead me to "eeh, do I need to?" So let me indulge in a shallow resolution and just say I wanna look amazing.

MAINTAIN MY MENTAL HEALTH Why is it that we have to work so hard to be happy yet sadness seems to pop up all on it's own? This year I want to try to do little things that will help keep negative energy at bay.

Let me know what your 2016 resolutions are!

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