DIY: Aloe Vera Mask

2:25 PM


Here is a magnificent night time mask that is the only mask you will ever need. EVER!!! And it made of only one ingredient!. If you're like me and long for beautiful clear glowing skin but are not crazy about a high maintenance skin care routine, this is the mask for you. Aloe vera works wonders on our skin. Most commonly known for its use on sunburns, it is also absolutely perfect for your face! It penetrates the deep layers on your skin and regulates the acid-alkaline pH levels, prevents bacteria from growing, and accelerates tissue regeneration. When used on our skin aloe vera can fade acne scars, help with oily skin, improve skin firmness and hyper pigmentation. I have been putting a thin layer of aloe vera gel on my face every night  for the past week and can see that my complexion has brightened up and acne scars aren't as visible. And because it acts as an anti-bacterial and moisturizer it is literally a one stop shop. After I remove my makeup and cleanse my face all I need is aloe vera gel to kill any left over bacteria, aid in tissue regeneration , and keep my face moisturized (without being greasy) while I sleep.
I like to prepare a few days supply for my face and body so I will take the gel from half a leaf and blend it up to store in a jar in the fridge. You can also add preservatives such as vitamin C to make it last longer. I like to make a fresh batch every few days and a little goes a long way so there's no need to make a lot. Let me know if you try this out in the comments. I'd love to know how it works with different skin types.

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