72 Hrs in Tahoe

11:51 AM

Recently, I took a girls trip with a few friends to south Lake Tahoe. With all of our crazy schedules we were only able to stay a few days. But we did pack as much as we could in those days. Flying into Reno Nevada we decided to rent a car and take the quick hour and a half drive to our Air B&B house that was a few blocks away from the lake. The house we rented had a gorgeous kitchen so we decided to cook our own meals rather than eat out everyday. While in Reno we had some time to kill before our whole group arrived so we stopped by Walmart and Trader Joes to stock up on some groceries. Which turned out to be the best decision we could have made due to everything being so pricey in the town of south Lake Tahoe. There weren't many supermarkets and TJ's and Walmart had better buys anyway. Our grocery list for the four of us looked a little something like this.

Shopping list:
Loaf of bread 
Cold cuts
Honey mustard
Case of water
Dozen eggs 
Salmon burgers (for the non meat eaters of the group)

We also included some adult beverages because what's a girls weekend if you can't have a drink with your girls while you catchup and gossip with your girls. With our limited amount of time we planned our trip to mostly around the south west part of the lake. We did lose about 4 hours from our itinerary after locking the rental car keys in the trunk and having to wait for roadside assistance to come and save us. Our schedule looked a little like this.

Day 1 
Arrive to Reno 
Pickup rental car 
Get groceries
Get locked out of rental car for 4hrs
Drive to Air B&B house
Go to lake and watch the sunset 
Cook dinner 
Drink l

Day 2
Make breakfast 
Make sandwiches for hike
Hike to Eagle Lake
Go paddle boarding
Go out for dinner

Day 3 
Make breakfast 
Drive back to Reno
Say goodbye 

All in all, we had a great time and managed to see some awesome sights and get great pictures of the lake and wilderness. I am so glad I got to catch up withy friends and we had a nice low key relatively cheap weekend getaway. Expenses worked out to be about $100 pp for car, house, food and activities. Tahoe really is gorgeous and late August is slow season but still warm enough to have a great time.    

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your time spend over there!



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